Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Remembering my Devil's Elbow Testimony

This morning my daughter and I were sitting in our living room waking up with our coffee and our Bibles and we she began to tell me what she was reading. That led to us remembering an incident that happened with me about seven years ago.

I was at the beach in Oregon with my husband, a place called "Devil's Elbow." It was our first time there, and I was awed by the beauty of the beach, the rocks and caves. I couldn't imagine how such an incredibly lovely place could have such a horrible name! We had been walking on the beach for a while when we decided to go into some of the caves. The tide appeared to be out, so neither of us expected to have any trouble going to the mouth of the caves and exploring.

We had entered a couple of the caves, and we could see another one on the other side of some huge boulders that were in the water. We started to make our way around the rocks (there seemed to be nothing suggesting we shouldn't), and we had walked around the rocks where they jutted out into the water, and began walking toward the shoreline. My husband climbed up onto the rocks and called for me to climb up too which I tried to do- but because of a problem I had with my knee, I wasn't able to climb onto the rocks.

I was about to just walk on closer to the shore where I thought it might be easier for me to climb onto the rock when suddenly water suddenly enveloped me! With no warning at all, I was chest deep in rushing water and strong currents were pulling me out! The water was now up to my armpits and my heavy coat (which was unzipped) was being pulled back. I tried desperately to climb onto the rock (and my panicked husband stood watching with horror on his face- completely unable to help me), but the rock was slippery and the current too strong. I tried to keep walking toward the shore, but the water was overpowering and it felt like the sand under my feet was being swept away!

I knew that if something didn't happen quickly I was going to be pulled out to the open ocean- and I was terrified! At that point, I did the only thing I knew to do- I cried out "JESUS! HELP ME!"

And immediately it was as if a plug had been pulled from the ocean floor- the water that had been up to my armpits and swirling all around me suddenly vanished! I looked down and the water was now down around my ankles- so that I could easily run onto the shore.

I didn't know until later, when I told others what happened, that this sort of thing happened all the time on Oregon's beaches. And presumably this was one reason that Devil's Elbow had its name. I learned that many others had drowned in similar incidents- and I was spared! I hate to think about what would have happened if I had not called on the name of Jesus!

We know that Jesus is the Savior of our soul- but that was one of many, many times that I have come to know Him as my Savior in every kind of danger and every kind of trouble.

When my daughter and I discussed this as we woke up together this morning, we recalled that the Bible tells us to remember His works- and to tell others what He has done for us. This is how others learn that God cares about our troubles, and that He not only can deliver us, but He yearns to!

Psalm 111:4 says

He has made His wonderful works to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and full of compassion.

He has shown himself to be gracious and full of compassion in my life - and He will show Himself the same to any who call upon Him.

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