Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to Live Today... Romans 12

Romans 12 describes true worship.

We are urged to present our bodies as living sacrifices to God, conducting ourselves in such as way as to be pleasing to Him; not being puffed up in pride and thinking too highly of ourselves, exercising our spiritual gifts in whatever capacity He has blessed us, and practicing these gifts diligently and with mercy and cheerfulness!

Rather than following our old sinful nature in our behavior and attitudes, we are exhorted to love one another sincerely, honor others above our-selves, bless those who persecute us, and if it is possible, to live at peace with everyone.

We are commanded not to repay evil for evil, to do what is right, and to forsake revenge. In fact, we are commanded to overcome evil with good, rather than being overcome by evil.

In just this one chapter of the book of Romans, God lays out a blueprint for us of how to live our lives in a way that will honor Him and enable us not only to approach Him with confidence as our Father, but to allow others to see His Presence, His love and His ways in us.

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