Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ignoring Him?

Sometimes when couples argue, one spouse will give the other "the silent treatment."

You may have done this yourself once or twice. You go about your business, perhaps tidying up the house as your spouse tries to provoke some sort of response from you, painfully aware that you aren't happy with him/her. Your spouse may say something to you and you pretend not to hear and you go to great lengths to avoid having to say anything at all.

I realized today that often this is how we treat the Lord. Even though we know that He is always with us - always present - we get up in the mornings and have our coffee and breakfast, then get dressed and zip out the door to go to work, or the gym, shopping, or whatever, without even realizing that He is there...lovingly watching over us, watching the events of our day (and our responses), and waiting for that moment in the day when we will remember something He's done for us- or notice that He answered a prayer- or think to call on Him in prayer and ask for His help with something.

And so often, He waits in vain. Not that we mean to ignore Him, but there's just so much we have to do every day and so many things demanding our time and attention. He understands this of course, but He longs to be a part of our day and to have close fellowship with us.

He wants us to notice the sunrise in the mornings (and that He designs each one with us in mind), and to admire His work when we see dewdrops on the roses. He wants us to think of Him when we see the moon and stars at night and to remember that His thoughts toward us are more numerous than the stars.

Most of all, He wants us to draw near to Him. To thank Him for the blessings He's given us, and to come to Him in the time of trouble. He yearns to reveal Himself to us and to demonstrate His care and His tenderness toward us.

We don't mean to 'ignore' His Presence in our lives - but when we do let day after day go by without acknowledging Him or offering thanks for all He's given us, we are the ones who suffer.

When we forget to go to Him with our troubles or ask His guidance and wisdom for our problems, we are the ones who stumble around in uncertainty, confusion and anxiety. And all the while, He is there, as close as the mention of His name.

He doesn't want us to feel 'guilty' because of these things - He knows we have to live in this world, and that more and more is expected and demanded of us every day. But He wants us to remember that He cares for us and that when we're ready- He'll still be there.

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Cienna said...

What is worse than accidentally ignoring God is those who intentionally avoid Him because they don't feel like facing the way they acted through the day. Speaking, of course, of the casual Christians who aren't ready to jump in and fully serve God. Yes, He's there and He'll take whatever little tidbit of time you give Him, but He wishes that we WOULD feel some remorse! That we would feel sorry and that we would repent and come to Him and give Him the time that He deserves in our lives every single day. Not just a few minutes a week on Sunday morning or at the end of the day when you realize you didn't spend that time with Him, but at the very start of your day-- wake up! Spend time with God! Thank Him that you have lived through another day and that He, the Creator of the universe, cares to commune with you! We should consider ourselves lucky that God craves a relationship with us, but instead we somehow see it as a burden! For those who DO intentionally avoid spending time with God, repent -wholeheartedly- and give your life to Him wholly. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner!