Monday, November 2, 2009

Late at Night: Time to Reflect- and Give Thanks

Late Night. My favorite.

My work is done, and things have settled
down for the night. The cats are all curled up, and everyone's sleeping soundly. All is still and quiet. I look out at the night sky and gaze at the stars. I admire the moon...I look out at my neighborhood and with the streetlights I can see the stillness there too - the only movement being the occasional stray cat, and the flutter of leaves blown by the wind. I light a candle, and sip hot tea, and begin to relax and relish the silence.

How soothing to my mind and spirit after a day of sickness, pain, and noise. Now finally I'm able to rest and recuperate - and think on all the things I can be grateful for at the end of the day.

I can be grateful, that though I've been sick, I'm feeling better. And that tonight, again, I can look forward to sleeping in my own home, a clean, safe environment. I can be thankful that I don't have to fear for my life or my safety.

I can know that my family is unharmed - and happy. I can give thanks that I don't have to worry about my husband's safety when he leaves for work - or wonder what I will do if something happens to him and he never makes it back home.

I can be thankful that I still have my physical and mental abilities. I can breathe without assistance - and I rejoice that at the end of this day, my mind and body is still intact. I have been spared tragedy and death...

You see, I know that there are many people who woke up this morning, and ran full steam into their day. They had plans...some of those plans extended into the future - maybe even years ahead. They had hopes and dreams. And each one of them planned on returning home tonight and picking up where they left off.

But they didn't. And they never will again. Maybe they were in a car accident, or a plane crash. Maybe they suddenly had a heart attack or an injury at work that claimed their life. Maybe they were the victim of a drunk driver - or an act of violence. Some were victims of war - either in their own homeland, or while serving their country. Some, overcome with life's burdens and loneliness, committed suicide. And others even more unfortunate, were taken against their will at the whim of some sociopath - and may even now wonder if they will live through the event and return to their loved ones.

Most of us just rush out the door in the morning thinking only of what we need to accomplish, how we'll pay the bills, and how to get whatever it is we are currently determined to get. We never have it occur to us, that a lot can happen during the course of a day - and that our days are numbered.

We hear of people who are "in the wrong place at the wrong time" - but surely, that won't be us. Those things happen to others - but not us. How foolish it is to assume that we are somehow immune to the things that 'only happen to others!'

And how blessed we are, when once again we are able to enjoy a hot shower, and go to bed at the end of a long day in our own bed - having been spared tragedy and death once again. Thank God for all the countless times and ways He has protected us and given us this gift.


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Cienna said...

Very true, we should take nothing for granted. Man does not live on bread alone but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God! Not something we should forget, ever.